Cailin Dueck


Cailin was born and raised in Kamloops, but once she graduated from high school, she took the opportunity to move nearly as far away as she could (while remaining in Canada) to go to university in New Brunswick. At Mount Allison University, she studied Economics and International Relations.

Despite building a second home in the Maritimes, Cailin returned to Kamloops each summer, and moved back to her first home when she graduated in 2023. For Cailin, the access to hiking, skiing, and all sorts of outdoor adventures in and around Kamloops is what will always make the area feel like home.

Cailin keeps coming back to at Abbott year after year because she finds that “the team is so much more than a group of coworkers; we really function like a family.” During her time at Abbott, Cailin has helped to digitalize the office, scanning, and organizing all our client files and working on special projects.