About Abbott Wealth Management

All Advisors Are Not Created Equal! You’re probably not a stranger to the ‘all advisors are alike’ school of thinking. We believe we bring something different to the table. We follow a disciplined and proven approach to establishing a professional relationship with you, our clients. We follow a personalized and consistent flow of communication where we establish and confirm your expectations and then proceed to deliver. It’s all about improving the lives of our clients through holistic wealth management.


We act with the highest integrity in your best interests, placing them above our own. We disclose to all sources of compensation and any potential conflicts of interest, should they arise, for our recommendations and services. We make every effort to provide objective, impartial, and complete information to you about your financial needs and commit to offering realistic advice with the options available to you. We will detail the negative risks as well as the positive aspects of any recommendation. We continually seek to maintain and improve our knowledge, skills, and competence, providing advice only on matters within our areas of expertise. And finally, we believe we are in a powerful position to make unbiased recommendations since we are under no obligation to sell proprietary products.


We work hard to bring you value consistently! From our deep knowledge of you, our clients, we provide input to our team at Harbourfront Wealth, which in turn helps them develop innovative products and services to respond to your evolving needs and desires. Everyone that works with us from the top down is consistently challenged to bring their A-game, developing themselves personally and professionally, all with the goal to serve you better by creating an environment of fairness, dignity and mutual respect within which you will thrive.


We develop strategic alliances with like-minded companies to enhance our core competencies, serve you, our clients, more effectively and as a result, we build our business. We follow a performance-based approach to measuring and monitoring our achievements. Staying on top of things consistently means that we can adjust and course correct where necessary for optimal success. We believe in the value of using advanced technology to support us in our efforts to innovate, improve efficiency, and deliver value consistently.

Finding Options Specifically Suited to You

The world of Wealth Management and Financial Planning can be a complicated ecosystem with confusings options, rules, and strategies at your disposal. Our whole business revolves around helping you find the best strategy for your specific goals. Everyone has a different outlook on life, and reason for undertaking true understanding and management of their wealth. It is our job to understand and manage those individualities in order to point you in the right direction and help you grow your wealth.